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We can supply anything made in Asia to anywhere in the world. We guarantee the best prices, delivery, and service. We know the processes and people across Asia, and can prove it. Whatever you need from a single item to regular container loads we know about it or will find it. If you are a factory in Asia and would like us to actively find buyers for you then contact us for a professional conversation. To make an enquiry or introduce yourself to us please complete and submit the form below.

Current Projects, Offers, and RFQs.
High Strength Steel: For import into Asian and African factories from a North American factory.
High Strength 120, 180, 250, 300 kpsi, Cold Resistance to -300 F, High Ductility, Twice the Hardness, Excellent Elongation, Decreased Weight, Manufacturing Savings, and Extended Life. High strength weldable structural steels. Grade steels high fatigue strength, air corrosion resistance weldable structural steels. High strength, good machinability machine steels. Hot rolled steel sheet, Cold rolled steel sheet, Wide flange beams, Structural channels, Manufactured housing beams, H piling, Round bars, Round corner squares (RCS), Angles, Channels, Flats, Round bars, Reinforcing bars, Beams, Channels, Specialty shapes, Semi truck trailer cross members, Light rail, Rail. Grade steels high strength, good machinability, free cutting machine steels. Grade steels ultra high strength, high fatigue strength limit structural steels. High strength, easy polishing, ferrite, martensite stainless steels. ..... read more.
Tanzanite: For import into Asia and Africa from a European factory.
Cut stones, at least VB6++ colour quality, Courier Shipping, Certificates from Amsterdam, Priced F.O.B. Rotterdam, Examples: Oval 7x5.2 mm (1ct) to 25x19mm (55ct) total of over 2500 pieces available now, example prices: 1.06ct $550, 10.67ct $5,60, 20.53ct $10,300; Round 6.5mm (2ct) to 11mm (7.2ct) total of over 2200 pieces available now, example prices: 1.96ct $600, 4.5ct $2,250, 7.26ct $3,400; Pear 10.6x7.7 mm (2.9ct) to 37x27 mm (153ct) total of over 1100 pieces available now, example prices: 2.9ct $1,500, 11ct $5,500, 22ct $11,000; Trillion 8.8mm (2.5ct) to 18mm (27ct) total of over 1600 pieces available now, example prices: 2.5ct $1,400, 9ct $4,400, 28ct $13,500; Princess, Marquise, Emerald, Heart, and Sugar Loaf cuts also available, plus cushions and cabuchons. ..... read more.
Wine: For import into Asia and Europe from South African and Italian factories.
South African Wine by the container. Each container contains 12,012 bottles packed in cases and palated. The varieties can be selected from Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Sweet Red, Sweet Rose, and Late Harvest. These are prize winning wines. Cost depends on selection but FOB will be between $42,000 and $56,000. ..... read more.

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